Monday, 2 March 2009

This email is worth tens of $$$ to you.

Don't fall the subject line of this scam.  The only person to whom "this email is worth ten osf $$$" is the sender.  Who is hoping to scam you out of your hard earned cash.

Dear Friend, 


First, I must apologize in advance if the contents of this email do not meet with your approval.But may I humbly crave your indulgence to understanding my demeanor here.It is simply about a clear-cut business proposal for you, and one that will be done to our collective benefit.I feel I can trust you with this business here and it is why I have contacted you.

In a way of introduction; my name is Joseph Vilakazi (Mr.), I am a South African by nationality, and I am also an accountant by profession.

I recently retired as an accountant to the South African 2010 World Cup Local Organizing Committee(LOC). In my capacity as an accountant, I cameacross alot of foreign busineesmen seeking contracts for the building of stadia and residential housing units for the participants of the coming world cup.During the time I was on seat at the LOC office; I was courted by these foreign businessmen to help them secure contracts. I did not in anyway compromise my integrity or position. I only rendered help when it was convinient for me.

I amassed alot of goodwill and since my retirement,many contractors have approached me with the aims of showing appreciation for the favour I rendered to them while in office.These appreciations so far as I am told will be in form of money.I need a proxy to collect this money for me.The reason for a proxy is because I do not want to be casted in bad lights as one receiving bribes in the course of receiving this money from the contractors by the standing LOC committe; hence this proposal to you.

This transaction does not require any financial commitment of any sort from you and also note that I did not solicit for this fund from the contractors,but simply an appreciation package to me for the goodwill rendered to them hence this does not constitute a bribe.The funds are genuine, clean, and fine. All you need to do is to collect this fund on my behalf and I will reward you handsomely.

If you are interested in this proposal, please furnish me with the following information to enable me commence the process of putting this funds at your disposal and with a commision coming to you.

I can be reached for more details via this email;

-- --

I await your response if you are interested.I look forward to it.  
Yours Sincerely,

Joseph Vilakazi(Mr.)

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