Saturday, 7 March 2009

Attention: Partnership Offer

Rudi Binns isn't a Barrister.  You will only be his "Dear One" if you fall for his scam and part with his cash.  I feel so sorry for the family of Andreas Schranner, whose name is so often used by the scammers.  Delete the email and don't reply.

Dear One,

Compliment of the season, with due respect, trust and humanity I must
solicit your confidence in this transaction; this is by virtue of its nature
as being totally confidential and secret.

  Do permit me to introduce myself briefly; I am Barrister Rudi Binns a
legal attorney to Late Andreas Schranner a German property magnate.
Actually, I got your contact information through Spainish chamber of
commerce and industry on my search for someone I can confidently trust on,
and I believe we can transact this business, I have prayed over it and
selected you among others due to its esteeming nature and the
recommendations given to me as a reputable and trust worthy person I can
confide on and by their recommendations I must not hesitate to confide in
you for this simple and sincere request. 

My client late Andreas Schranner was a German property magnate, who lived
in Spain for four years; died along with his family on the 31Th of July 2000
in an Air France concord plane crash bound for New York in their plan for a
world cruise, for more details of the plane crash go through the sit below:

Prior to my explaining further, I am conscious that this is certainly not a
 predictable way of approach to foster a relationship of trust but because
of the circumstances and urgency surrounding this claim I decided to reach
you via this media to join me to put claims on this vault before it is
seized or confiscated by the authorities.

Before the catastrophe; He deposited One Trunk Box containing the sum of
$8.8M with a Safe security company here in Spain and he did not disclose the
exact content of deposited diplomatic box to the treasure house as cash but
Personal valuables for security and personal reasons.  As the attorney to
late Andreas Schranner, the security company has mandated me to present a
member of his family (heir/inheritor) to make Claims or the vault will be
confiscated and taken to the Bureau of  Diplomatic Security as unclaimed, I
was given an ultimatum to look for some relative to come for the claim or
have the Vault liquidated and made unserviceable in accordance with existing
laws.  After preliminary efforts of search for a direct family member which
came to no avail, I decided to contact you, my suggestion to you is that I
will like to present you as the beneficiary to this vault, I know you may
not be anyway related to my late client; Hence I am presenting you
 as the next of kin is a possibility that the vault will be released to
you. I can guarantee that if you are willing and interested I will put in
place all necessary modality in accordance with the Law to legally present
you as the true Next of Kin and true beneficiary.

You are required to Immediately Indicate your Interest on Prompt Response
via E-Mail with the Following Information: 

(1Your Private Telephone and Fax Number
(2)Your Full Name
(3)Your residential address

This transaction is 100% risk free as I have worked out all modalities to
complete the operation effectively.
Once the diplomatic consignment is released to you, we shall divide the
content in the ratio of 50% for you,50% for me as our benefit. ($4.4 Million

Endeavour to get back to me weather or not you are willing to collaborate
with me via my private  Email Address:

Kind Regards,
Rudi Binns(Esq).

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