Thursday, 29 March 2012


The "mystery" here is why anyone would believe this scammer.  If you make the mistake of replying you will be sent a payment and asked to forward some of it to the scammer's associates.  The original payment will then be withdrawn from your account, leaving you out of pocket with no way of recovering your money.

Real mystery shopping companies don't send out random emails.  They are usually oversubscribed with shoppers and their pay is usually fairly low.

This is a great opportunity to be paid for pleasure and dinning out, The
Nitty-Gritty of the job is to evaluate wide Variety of shops, Stores
(Macy-Stores & Wal-mart), restaurant, cafeteria and services in
your area. Secret shoppers are requested and needed in all states in
America(USA). Fun and Enjoyable Work. Flexible Schedules. No experience
If you can shop-you are qualified, just send us the information 
requested below and we promise you that you will not be disappointed.
Your payment would be sent weekly, ($200) weekly.
Your Full Name: Your Address (NOT P.O Box):
City, State, Zip: Occupation: Phone Number(s):
AGE: Can You take a survey on your Equity Credit account ?
Time: 24 Hours daily by e-mail.
Perfect Mystery Services Inc®

Bob Stice

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