Tuesday, 30 October 2012

PPI Spammers

A few weeks ago I received a message on my smartphone telling me I was owed money for the PPI (payment protection insurance) that I'd taken out.  I have never had PPI so I knew the message was, at the very least, less than truthful.

I added a post to my main antiscam blog - you can see it here - and within hours the post was receiving hundreds of visitors.

It seems that PPI claims are big business because a few days ago I did a little investigation into an online film site that someone left me a complaint about (here's the complaint).  I signed up using an online email address that I reserve for corresponding with scammers.  Within hours, and I do mean hours, my scam email address was being flooded with emails promoting PPI claim services.

All these emails are unsolicited.  All are being sent by the same service

These are the sites that have so far sent me emails, along with a few details about them

fasttrackppi.co.uk Registered 4 Nov 2011.  Site claims they are based in Stanmore
www.ppiclaimcompany.co.uk  Registered on 1 Feb 1995.  The email contains what appears to be a fake unsubscribe link as it takes you to http://counseling4usa.info
ppiadviceline.co.uk Registered on 12 Nov 2010.  The email claims it was sent from Jacksonville FL, but their site claims they are based in Bradford, Yorkshire
charterhouseclaims.com/ Registered on 20 Octo 2008.  An interesting email this.  The links are all routed via insideboxingdisaster.com.  At least one of the links leads to part of the site that is infected with a Trojan (my antivirus software blocked it).

There was one more, but that was routed via a site called "strategyelevate.com" which appears to have been taken down.

One thing I've noticed that all the above sites have in common is that ALL they contain is one page with a box for you give them your name and address.

None of them have any pages telling you about the company, or their staff, or their address.

If you feel you were mis-sold PPI, the Money Saving Expert website has all the information you need to make a claim yourself - http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/ppi-loan-insurance

If you feel you need help with your claim, don't use a random (potentially fake) company that sends you a text or an email.  Ask your bank, solicitor or financial advisor to recommend a "real" claims company.


  1. The email contains what appears to be a fake unsubscribe link as it takes you. PPI help

  2. Informative post. Those spammers must be stop. It is great to warn others too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The claimants should not disclose their details of credit cards or other personal details based on any message from unknown number or email from fake id.

    William Martin

    Financial Claims Made Simple