Sunday, 8 April 2012

Part-Time Vacancy

This is one of those "fill in the blanks" type scams.  The scammer is supposed to personalise the scam email. The bit where it says "welcoming speech" is supposed to be changed to something more sensible.  Clearly this scammer is short on brains and didn't realise that!

This could be part of a money laundering operation. These scams work like this.  You are sent a payment, asked to deduct your salary from it and then forward the rest to a third party.  After you've done this, the original payment is withdrawn from your bank account, leaving you out of pocket with no way of recovering the money that you forwarded.

Welcoming speech

I am a manager of the HR department of a large multinational company.

Our company is well known in various fields as follows:
- property
- bank account operations
- transportation and logistics
- private enterprise service
- etc.

We are making a regional managers’ team in Europe now:
- salary 2.500 euro + bonus
- partial employment
- free timetable

 If you are ready to work as a regional manager in Europe send us the below information:
h r @ w o r k w u g l t d . c o m (please delete spaces in email address before sending)
Mobile phone-number:

Attention! We are only looking for EU citizens!

Please provide you name and contact information in order we can find you for further communication.  

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