Monday, 13 June 2011

Order Request - Box Dumpers

As the email address this was sent to has absolutely nothing to do with *(Box Dumpers)* I'm guessing this is a scam.  One where the scammer is supposed to fill in the blank space between the brackets!
I'd also guess that if you reply and send a quote, Mr "Soon" will reply and either:
a) use a fake credit card number or (more likely)
b) ask to pay you more than you quoted and pass the excess on to a third party.  
In fact, I think I might try answering him to see what he says.
Hello Good Day
My Name is David  Soon and I will like to know whether you carry *(Box
Dumpers)* in stock for sale. If yes, email me back each size and with the
prices of (1) attached to it so that i will let you know the size and
quantity i will be ordering.... More over I will like to know whether you do
accept credit card as the method of payment....
Hope to read from you again....Stay Blessed.
Kind regards
David  Soon

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