Monday, 26 October 2009

Compensation Allocation

This is just a load of old blah.  A total load of rubbish.  This is just a scammer who wants to get his or her hands on your money by charging you fees.  You know as well as I do that you don't have an outstanding payment for a contract, you haven't bought a ticket for a lottery in any African country and your next of kin didn't die and leave you money (unless you were contacted by a bona fide solicitor, know to your family).

Just delete this email and don't reply.

Your Fund Compensation Allocation Process....
Dear Sir
Amnesty international in conjunction with transparency international has reached a consortium with the Organization of African Unity (OAU), United Nation (UN) and Financial Crime Commissions for the immediate compensation of victims of Africa widely known scam. A memorandum of understanding to that regards was signed yesterday between the parties in an effort to redeem the battered image of Africa

You Might have been a Victim in your effort to Claim a certain amount of Money being either a CONTRACT AMOUNT, LOTTORY AWARD, NEXT OF KIN, or the likes from any part of the African Community and you have been paying money for this, We are sorry for any damage this might have caused you and we are here to salvage your problems. We have been mandated to look into your issue and then find a lasting solution to your long efforts. Have you even taken your time to ask your self why you have not been able to get a cent into your account after paying much money to this effect? While on the verge of having your owned fund gotten back across to you, this organization has been mandated to alleviate the suffering of these concerned individuals if you are willing to listen and adhere to our instructions.

A total sum of one million, nine hundred and sixty four thousand dollars only will be released to your Via a Certified Bank Draft as soon as you are cleared for payment to avoid going through rigorous means of wire transfer. Two credible banks in Africa ,  ( SOUTH AFRICA ) has been assigned to make necessary payments before the commencement of the 2010 World Cup to all concerned. Statistics has really shown that American is the most victim, followed by Europe and Asia respectively.

This compensation notice is an effort from the organization having given the honor by FIFA to Host the World CUP in Africa ( SOUTH AFRICA )  by 2010.

From our records so far, we are in good talking relationship with more than seventy victims of which most of them has been compensated. You are to confirm you willingness to receive this compensation via a return mail.

Do forward to us the Following Information:

1, your full name and address.
2, your direct telephone number.
3, Age, sex and marital status.
4, Occupation.

With this information, we will be able to process and release the compensation to you without any rigorous process.

Please do contact the Coordinator and Returning officer urgently.

  Be advised                                  

Dr. Jason Norman
Senior Instructor
Transparency international.  

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