Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Meaningful Attention

Have you noticed how the scam emails from Africa contain bullying or violent language? This scammer tells me "do not toy with this authentic information".

If anyone from Africa reads this blog, I'd love to know if people really do try and bully each other in this way, or is just the way their language(s) translate into English that sounds wrong to me? If you're African, do please leave a comment on this post.

Meanwhile, this is a scam. Mr Maman (my elementary French tells me that should be Mrs Maman) is a scammer - he doesn't want to give you millions, he wants to take money from you by charging you fees. Delete the email and don't reply.




Compliment of this day.
Please, I seeking your attention to the confirmation of this foreign projects payment by the NDDCommission. It is my oversignt function hence i presented you as a foreign project Firm.

This confirmation is Accurate and Immediate.

I am Mr Dikko Maman, the chief Accountant and Director for procurement with the
Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). The oil rich region of Niger Delta. I want to stash away this fund for investment on a very confidential manner.

This payment is to be effected within 72 banking hours hence your prompt
response is highly important for clarity of this transfer. it is an interface and meaningful financial relationship.

It is absolutely LEGIT TRANSACTION and No Consequences or Implication as
official documentation for payment duly approved.

Do not toy with this authentic information for the payment advice.
Please give it a priority attention and Wishing you a wonderful day.

What is your percentage demand?

I am interested investing in your country as partnership that works.

NOTE Importantly: Contact me immediately for further information.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Dikko Maman
Chief Accountant.

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