Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Your Email Address was Picked

If you believe any of this nonsense, think again. "Mitchell Stewart" and "Temba Mvusi" are scammers. They simply invented a name for a lottery. They don't want to give you $1.5m, they want to take money from you by charging you fees. Delete the email and don't reply.

We announce to you the result of the draw of our first ever webstake lotterypromotion.Your email address was picked as one of our online lucky winner in the firstcategory, therefore you did not purchase any ticket to enter for it.To file for your prize claim do remember to quote thefollowing vital numbers:REF NUMBER: BAL/198243108/05/DONWINNING NUMBER: 10 20 25 41 44 46 with a bonus 6AMOUNT WON: $1,500,000.00Contact the under listed assigned agent:Official (agent): Mr. Temba MvusiEmail: claims.dept008@live.comYours truly,Mitchell StewartGroup Coordinator

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